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Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol. 2 - EEG, Paediatric Neurophysiology, Special Techniques and Applications
Colin Binnie, Ray Cooper, François Mauguière, John Osselton, Pamela Prior and Brian Tedman
Elsevier Health Sciences


Hardbound. The authors treat the three main branches of clinical neurophysiology - peripheral neurophysiology, evoked potentials and electroencephalography - in a consistent and integrated way with emphasis on a clear exposition of practical details of how and why each investigation is done.
Their aim is that the reader should understand exactly how to choose and to undertake appropriate investigations, and how to interpret the findings in the light of the latest evidence-based studies. Using historical evidence and illustrative case reports, they address the scientific principles, both biological and electrical, recording techniques, the development and characteristics of electrical potentials in normal subjects, and the ways in which these are disturbed by physical factors or disease. This foundation should enable the reader to interpret recordings from first principles. The main clinical sections are set in the context of typical referral problems.

"The chapter on methods of derivation and montages contains the clearest and most comprehensive exposition this reviewer has encountered. For this reason alone, the book is worthy of a place on the bookshelf of any department of clinical neurophysiology or, indeed, medical library. ...In summary, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is comprehensive, authoritative and current and is surely destined to become the standard reference book for neurophysiology departments in this country."

"In conclusion, this new work from worldwide known experts should be on the bookshelf of every department of clinical neurophysiology, or even on that of every individual clinical neurophysiologist, as it represents a new standard reference book for many aspects of clinical neurophysiology."
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