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DSM-IV Sourcebook, Vol. 2
Thomas A. Widiger, Allen J. Frances, Harold Alan Pincus, Ruth Ross, Michael B. First, Wendy Wakefield Davis
American Psychiatric Publishing


The Task Force on DSM-IV and members of the DSM-IV Work Groups have chronicled their efforts and the results in the DSM-IV Sourcebook, which documents the rationale and empirical support for the text and criteria sets presented in DSM-IV. This second of five volumes continues the DSM-IV literature reviews and summarizes the DSM-IV Work Group efforts that led to publication of the DSM-IV Options Book. Each review contains the following six sections: Statement of the IssuesAexplicitly outlines the issues addressed in the review; Significance of the IssuesAframes the importance of each issue and discusses its clinical and empirical significance; MethodsAdocuments the extent to which the reviews were systematic and comprehensive in their coverage of the literature; ResultsAprovides an objective and thorough summary of the findings most relevant to each issue; DiscussionAaddresses the implications of the clinical research findings for DSM-IV; and RecommendationsArecommendations for DSM-IV based on the review of the literature. DSM-IV Sourcebook, Volume 2, presents the reviews for:
- Mood Disorders
- Late Luteal Phase Dysphoric Disorder
- Anxiety Disorders
- Personality Disorders
- Psychiatric System Interface Disorders
- Sexual Disorders
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